Toyota Key Fob Replacement

Toyota Key Fob

Toyota Key Fob Replacement

Car keys can greatly disappoint us. Your Toyota key fob may stop working or in the worst scenario, you lose it completely. Car Key Masters is here to help you. We shall provide a guide on how you can conduct a simple Toyota key fob battery replacement and also how to get a new Toyota key fob replacement.  

How to Replace a Toyota Key Fob Battery

If your Toyota Key Fob isn’t working or constantly stops, it’s time for a new key battery. Luckily, you can replace it yourself. To find out which battery you need to change, open your key fob case. If you have the old model, look for a thin object and try to open the case where you see a cut in at the edge of the case. In a new Toyota model, pull the hidden key and insert it that is meant to open the case. 

After you successfully open the case;

  • Smoothly lift the circuit board to see the battery.
  • Before you remove it, take note of the type of battery and how it is placed. 
  • Most Toyota models are widely available, its price depends on the brand and package. You can easily get one from us.
  • Once you purchase the Toyota Key Fob battery, put it inside your case and close it.
  • Test your key fob to ensure that it is working. If not, check if you placed the battery correctly and readjust. If the key fob still doesn’t work, you may need a Toyota key fob replacement.

How to Replace a Broken Toyota Key Fob

If your key fob doesn’t work completely, it is time to replace it. You have different replacement options depending on the damage. If you have damaged your key, get a replacement from a locksmith near you. However, if you have completely damaged your fob, you will need a full replacement, visit us.

How Much is a Toyota Key Fob Replacement?

The price depends on the kind of damage. If yours is beyond repair or you lost it, you will need a new set configured at a higher price than the one that needs to replace a battery. The cost is higher since they need programming to connect it to the vehicle. If you need a replacement key fob for your Toyota, Car Key Masters can help.

To Sum Up

If you need to have your key replaced, repaired, or have a new one ordered, or even if you need a BMW frm footwell module reset, ECU repair, immo off, Mercedes ism reset, and lost car key programming. We are here to be of service. Contact us today if you’ve got any inquiries.

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