SRS Airbag Module

SRS Airbag Module

An SRS airbag Module controls the entire airbag system of your car. This includes the impact sensors, airbags, and seat belts.

The airbag module stores the crash impact data. It is a one-use type of system, this means it remains in good condition for so long as the car doesn’t get into any type of accident that prompts the airbags to release. Once this happens, you will notice that your airbag light will turn on, the only way to get it back to normal is to have the module replaced or repaired.



Haven’t gotten into an accident yet your airbag light has been on for a while? Apart from a crash causing the light to turn on, other things that can cause this include 

  • Faulty belt pretensioners 
  •  Faulty airbag clock spring, 
  • A fault in the crash sensors
  • Stored crash data 
  • Wiring harness problems



We use the latest systems and SRS specialized technicians to evaluate this problem for you, our service includes scanning your system to read and obtain the codes which are helpful to us establishing the core cause of your problem. From there, we can go ahead and either clear the crash data or perform an airbag light resetting.

Good news! We can clear the data on your airbag module enabling you to reuse your airbag modules, which is perfect and affordable as we don’t have to replace anything. 

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Reach out to Carkey Masters today to book that appointment, remember, safety comes first and functional airbags and safety belts in your car are a big part of that.

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