Must-Have Vehicle Tracking System Features

Must-Have Vehicle Tracking System Features

Every company managing vehicles has to be careful to ensure they don’t suffer losses of car theft or car key misplacement. They must ensure they have a locksmith near them to offer these services. For CarKey Masters, we offer car key duplication, replacement, and a tracking system. Below are vehicle tracking features that you should consider before adopting a tracking system.

Live Location Monitoring 

Fleet management is built on the principle of location tracking. It is the origin of the expression “dots on a map.” For various reasons, GPS car tracking systems were developed out of a desire to always know where assets and vehicles were.

You can react to emergencies more quickly if you know where your drivers, vehicles, and equipment are at all times. You may also use it to ensure that the appropriate personnel, equipment, and cars are sent to the correct locations. Simply said, an anti-theft solution is a primary reason businesses want real-time location tracking. Even with only one incident of recovering a stolen object or vehicle, many firms get an immediate, significant return on their investment (ROI). Nevertheless, not all fleet tracking programs are accurate.

Only occasionally are GPS tracking devices updated by some suppliers. In other words, they only communicate data every two, three, or even more minutes. So, if having real-time data is essential to your organization, find out how frequently the tracking device updates from the sources. Finding this out is crucial for anti-theft cases because seconds count in theft instances.

Similar to how a mobile phone company costs more the more data you use, some car monitoring firms even offer tiered alternatives where they charge more for faster updates.

Personalized Alerts

Customizable notifications for fleet management are consistently at the top of the list of essential features for vehicle tracking systems. Opportunities for risk reduction may arise from real-time notifications relating driving behavior to vehicle diagnostics. 

For example, real-time tracking alerts regarding wasted fuel because of poor driving habits or high idle times can reveal areas for improvement. These improvements go right to the bottom line when you can reduce fuel costs by 5-10%.

Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling

As the backbone of your business, maintaining your vehicles will always be a key responsibility. You will be able to keep an eye on your assets and cars thanks to vehicle tracking devices that track their health.

This capability entails identifying fresh maintenance problems, quickly fixing them, and ensuring that preventative maintenance is planned for and carried out on time. If one or more of your cars are out of action for an extended period, it can severely impact your business.

It is essential to ensure that automobiles receive the maintenance they require when they require it. Doing this can keep minor problems from becoming major ones and avoid having to repeat maintenance on unattended concerns.

Start the Process and Benefit from a Vehicle Tracking System

These capabilities of a GPS tracking system are the tip of the iceberg regarding what is possible with this technology. Other things to think about are the software’s usability, the availability of a mobile app from the supplier, and the strength of their geofencing tools. For optimal performance, integrating with other third-party business software can be essential. The most important thing to remember is that the functionality you need from a system like this depends entirely on the business difficulties you want to address.

Speak with CarKey Masters about the features that can help you and request pricing before deploying vehicle monitoring software.

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