Car Key Duplication

Whether you’ve recently lost your car key, misplaced it, have a broken key that won’t fit or turn in the ignition, or simply looking to make an extra copy, CarKey Masters is the leading car key duplication firm in Kenya.

Lost Key Programming

Recently lost your car key and don’t have a spare key to work with? Worry not, we have you covered. At CarKey Masters, we provide you with the best car services while protecting you from unscrupulous third parties.

Own Key Programming

Do you have a blank key fob or transponder chip lying around and looking to use it for your car? Yes, you can program a key yourself but it will require you to be well informed of the right key type for your car model.

electronic-engine-control-unit ECU repair

ECU Repair

A car’s ECM controls how much fuel is used in the combustion chamber. In the event a car’s ECU is damaged it does a poor job of regulating these ratios and thus ends up burning a lot of fuel. 


BMW FRM Footwell Module Reset

The Footwell module (FRM) is an electronic module located in the footwell of the driver’s side. In BMW models, the main function is controlling different lighting systems of your car.


Main function of a car immobilizer is for added security, it prevents the car from starting unless the right key is inserted. But like anything else that is electronic, your car’s immo can also wear off.

Steering Lock ESL

This is the electronic steering lock found in Mercedes models such as W204, W212, W207, W2014. The main function of the ESL being to automatically lock your car’s steering once you have removed the key from the ignition.


Mercedes ISM Reset

Is your Mercedes Benz displaying an error message “Drive to the workshop without changing gear” Then you have a faulty Intelligent Servo Module (ISM). If you experience this, we recommend driving to our workshop for a checkup.

SRS Airbag Module

The SRS airbag module stores the crash impact data. It is a one-use type of system, this means it remains in good condition for so long as the car doesn’t get into any type of accident that prompts the airbags to release.

Steering Angle Sensor Module

The steering wheel sensor is a safety system located within the steering column of modern cars; its main purpose is to help a driver maintain control during sudden emergency situations like breaking of the car.

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