The main function of a car immobilizer is for added car security, it prevents the car from starting unless the right key is inserted. But like anything else that is electronic,your car’s immobilizer can also wear off. But sometimes you might find the problem is really small, could be that your key is just out of battery and all you have to do is get new batteries and you are good to go. But if the problem is bigger than the latter, at Carkey Masters we can deactivate a faulty immobilizer and efficiently install a new one for you in no time.


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Remember, your immo-off can be the one thing standing between your car’s safety and it being stolen. Windows and door locks can easily be breached but as we’ve mentioned the immobilizer even protects your car in the event of hotwiring.

So don’t take your time with this, reach out to us today and have one of our skilled technicians handle this problem for you. 

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