BMW FRM Footwell Module Reset

BMW FRM Footwell Module Reset

The Footwell module (FRM) is an electronic module located in the footwell of the driver’s side. In BMW models, the main function is controlling different lighting systems of your car,  these encompass ;

  • Adjusting the Headlights range 
  • Auxiliary turn indicator light
  • Interior lighting
  • Power window regulation
  • Tail lights 
  • Fog lights 
  • Rear compartment interior lighting  
  • Number plate lights 


BMW FRM Footwell Module Reset (FRM), also receives signals from the doors and windows.


How to check


The easiest way to spot a faulty FRM is through malfunctioning lighting, the lights start to go on and off without your command, your head unit lights might not come, lastly the windows not rolling up or down. 

If the problem is not handled immediately it permanently damages the entire output system, after this, even if you have the fault lights fixed, the problem persists.  So why wait until things go from bad to worse? The minute you notice some of the signs we’ve mentioned, it is best to get the problem looked at.  Carkey is the leading auto electronics service in Kenya, we have seasoned experts and the necessary equipment to help in re-programming the FRM.

When do you need coding / don’t need coding?


This is a common question and for a good reason. In order to establish whether you need a FRM replacement or coding, our able technicians will do a  proper analysis of your car to ensure that we give you the best option to effectively fix the problem. For instance, if the fog light or aperture still flashes after you load the original data then coding is necessary. But, if the eeprom data is exactly the same as your car’s original data is, then coding isn’t necessary. 

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