Symptoms of a bad or failing key fob battery


Symptoms of a bad or failing key fob battery

If something isn’t working in your car it can be really frustrating. One issue that car owners regularly ignore is a faulty key fob. Since the driver can opt for alternative means. However, many drivers don’t realize that repairing a faulty key fob or getting a new key fob is a fairly easy process. Rather than opting for alternative means, you can always give us a call. Here are a few signs of a failing key fob battery.

Reduced signal strength

Most fob keys send a signal to the vehicle up to 50 feet in many cases. Most people utilize this function as they walk or when approaching their vehicle to lock or unlock the car. However, when the battery wears out the range and signal strength of the fob transmitter reduces. At some point you will notice that your key remote does not unlock your car, lock your car, or start the engine for those with the automatic start button as early as it should, it’s probably time to replace the battery.

Multiple Clicks needed to unlock the doors

Have you ever had to click your tv remote several times just to change a channel? Well, you can also experience this with your car when you have a faulty key fob. This can be irritating, it is a common sign that the battery has worn out and needs to be replaced. Here at CarKey Masters, we sell fob batteries for keyless remotes. We also replace the battery in all remotes at the same time, as they are often sold in pairs.

Inconsistency in key fob functionality 

When the key fob function becomes inconsistent, it’s a sign that the battery inside these keys is wearing out. Finding a quality replacement battery for the key fob is the best way to get it working efficiently again. Be sure to remove the old battery from the key fob to get an idea of what type is required for your specific key.


An unreliable key fob is a bit irritating and dangerous. Imagine, if you can’t lock your car reliably, you may be exposing yourself to theft. To keep your car secure, look for a qualified locksmith near you. With the help of a mobile automotive locksmith, you can ensure that your key fob works the first time, every time. Remember, you might ignore a small issue that eventually gets in the way of your responsibilities. 

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