Steering Angle Sensor Module

Steering Angle Sensor Module

The steering wheel sensor is a safety system located within the steering column of modern cars; its main purpose is to help a driver maintain control during sudden emergency situations like breaking of the car. It is designed to last for the lifespan of the vehicle but incidents happen that wear it out.

A malfunctioning Steering Angle sensor module prompts a light on the instrument cluster.

Symptoms a worn-out sensor module


  • The steering wheel becomes loose – Which is a top sign you can easily spot. When the sensor is damaged it has direct effects on the steering wheel and can cause your car’s internal system to act up. It starts to act like it has a brain of its own and doesn’t respond to actions like it normally would, for example, turning slower than it normally does and making general adjustments at the wrong time. Which can be highly dangerous for you and other motorists on the road.
  • The car drives differently – This occurs especially after aligning the front wheels of your car. Just like issues with control over the steering wheel, you might start to notice your car driving strangely especially after a wheel alignment. This suggests that the angle sensor was tampered with and most likely not reset.
  • Issues with the track control – Issues pertaining to your car’s ECU are indicated by your check engine light. So in the event that your light keeps coming on in the dashboard, it might be because of issues with your steering wheel sensor.
  • Replaced or returned Steering Angle sensor – When your Steering angle sensor is removed and returned for whatever reason or replaced without proper calibration, the light will show on your instrument cluster.

How we can help

When the sensor malfunctions, don’t downplay this, it could be what saves your life one day. We are happy to report it is a fixable issue. Whether your car has an analog or digital sensor, CarKey Masters team is fully equipped in terms of equipment as well as experience. We can have the problem sorted out by replacing the steering angle sensor or resetting it by recoding (clearing the crash data) on your Steering Angle Sensor. 

Safety is paramount. So trust the professionals at CarKey Masters for all your car troubles.

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