ECU Repair

ECU Repair

ECU Repair.

ECU (Engine Control Unit) or engine control module (ECM). In most cases, it is hard to spot a failing ECU in the beginning mainly because the signs aren’t always obvious in the initial stages. You will find that the ECU acts up one day and the next day just when you are thinking of calling in a technician the car is all good. The main reason for this is because the engine control module is failing and it’s feeding the engine false information every now and then.

electronic-engine-control-unit ECU repair

Signs of a bad ECU  (ECU Repair)

  • Checking your engine light – You will notice the check engine light come on. This light on your dashboard is designed to flicker as a way of alerting you when the ECU detects issues with its components such as circuits or its sensors.
    Note, the engine light might also be prompted by other causes the only way to know for sure is to check with a technician
  • The engine misfires or hangs – This is another sign that isn’t necessarily obvious, mainly because the engine only acts up for a bit then gets back to normal. But don’t ignore this as this may be the beginning of bigger problems if you don’t get it looked at early on.
  • Bad gas mileage – Is your car running out of fuel more quickly than it usually would? Then this might be another telling sign. A car’s ECM controls how much fuel is used in the combustion chamber . In the event a car’s ECU is damaged it does a poor job of regulating these ratios and thus ends up burning a lot of fuel. We offer ECU Repair at affordable prices, give us a call.
  • Bad engine performance
    On the other hand, you might find that not enough fuel is being sent to the car’s combustion chamber, the end result being your car starts to exhibit problems such as vibrating when going up a steep road or hill it also doesn’t quite accelerate like it used to.
  • Car doesn’t start
    Lastly, the car might not start at all. This is the most obvious one and probably the worst effect a failing ECU can have. There are other factors that can cause your car not to start, for instance a broken ignition, key debris all of which we at Carkey are more than well equipped to handle but the only way to be sure and get to the bottom of the problem is for you to bring the car into our shop for a proper diagnosis. In the event that you can’t come to us, we offer mobile services and can send one of our skilled technicians to you.

Is it fixable?

Yes, this is a problem that we can effectively fix for you. To replace or fix an engine system purely depends on the extent of the damage and as you guessed it replacing is more costly than repairing which is why the above-listed tips from our experts are important to note because if you take note of the problem early on then we can move fast and salvage the situation. But worry not, our ECU replacement services are not only the best but also affordable. The cost simply depends on your car model. 

Reach out to Carkey Masters today to get a personalized quote and book an appointment and we can get your ECU up and running again. The best ECU repair around, call us

ECU Repair

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