Essential things you need to know about your car’s anti-theft device


Essential things you need to know about your car’s anti-theft device

Imagine, getting news that your car was stolen! Then you remember that you hadn’t installed any anti-theft measures on your car. That would be devastating. Anti-theft devices are features or services that are preinstalled in your car to make it harder to steal and easier to track or recover. It is important to check your car’s manual or manufacturer’s site to know which security features can be installed. Here is a list of features that you should have:

Audible Alarm

You should have a loud enough alarm system, one that you can hear from at least 300 feet away. It should also go off for three minutes or more. The alarm system is the most standard on many cars.

Smart Key Technology

Smart Key technology requires the vehicle’s key fob to be near the car for unlocking and inside the vehicle for starting. This is a great option to offer protection. Notably, this system is offered as an extra feature on some car models, the overall protection against theft is worth the investment.

Opt for Onstar

This service is particularly offered to GM vehicles, as you have the option to subscribe to it. At first, it may seem like an unwanted expense, however, the GPS tracking offered comes in handy in helping you recover your vehicle if stolen. 


You might be purchasing a non-GM vehicle, get the LoJack feature added to your car. Notably, this system uses radio frequencies to locate a stolen car. You can easily track down your stolen car. It offers great protection that still works even when the car is out of range or in an area that obstructs satellite signals. It is estimated that a LoJack system is around 90 percent effective in helping to recover vehicles that are stolen.

Proper Usage

You must learn how to engage your anti-theft devices. For instance, a steering wheel lock often requires you to turn it slightly when you exit the vehicle to engage. Those that are integrated into the lock mechanism may require only a single push or rapidly tapping the button twice to make sure the system is engaged. If you can’t find this information in your user manual, you should speak with the manufacturer to find out.

Be Responsible

Anti-theft devices work well, but only if you are responsible when you park your vehicle. Leaving the keys in the ignition or even leaving it running when you head into the store will render the devices useless for obvious reasons.


It is crucial to secure your car immediately when you purchase it. Not being able to track you can be devastating. Also losing your car keys can be very frustrating, which is why you also need an extra pair of car keys. You can easily get your car keys duplicated at CarKey Masters

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