Mercedes ISM Reset

Mercedes ISM Reset

Is your Mercedes Benz displaying an error message “Drive to the workshop without changing gear” Then you have a faulty ISM. Other symptoms include car not shifting gears between P, R, N, or D. ISM in full Intelligent Servo Module’s main purpose is that it enables the system to read the selected drive position via electrical signals and to engage the drive position via a mechanical interface on the transmission. The Mercedes ISM system is located on the driver’s side on the transmission housing.  

If you are experiencing any of the above-listed issues with your car, we recommend driving to our workshop for a checkup.


What to do : Mercedes ISM Reset


Tip: don’t change gears when driving, as this will cause the car to instantly come to a halt given the main issue the ISM causes as we mentioned is difficulty changing gears. In the event that you can’t come to us, we offer mobile services and can send one of our technicians to your location.  

At Carkey Masters, we not only have the right personnel to handle any Mercedes Benz related problems but we also have the right equipment that is the Mercedes All System scanner in our Mercedes Ism repair kit that we use to first run a diagnosis on your Ism before taking any further steps.



The ISM system can be taken care of by our experts using a few methods. Such as repairing or replacing, just like with everything else that is electronic replacing can be more expensive, but the good news is we will first take a closer look at your ISM and first see if we can salvage it by repairing it as opposed to replacing the entire system. The latter is cheaper but our ism repair costs depend on the option we settle for will depend on the extent of the damage on your current ISM.  We advise on whether you need a Mercedes ISM Reset once you arrive.

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One of the factors that determine whether your ISM requires repair or replacing is the error code we get once we run the diagnosis. Generally, 1984 or 1994 can be repaired. So can a  1904 error. If your ISM requires replacement on the other hand, we can replace and program it in no time. 

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