Major Places in a Car where you can put GPS Tracking Device

Major Places in a Car where you can put GPS Tracking Device

The highest level of security you can give your car is a GPS car tracker. There are numerous instances where a GPS tracker is a focal point for locating a stolen vehicle. It is frightening to see how frequently cars are being stolen. We’ll talk about the location in the automobile where the car tracker can be safely installed without drawing attention.

Things to consider while placing a GPS tracker for a car

Before we discuss the places to put the car tracker, let us discuss the criteria for selecting such places. Depending upon the vehicle tracker design, the places may vary. 

There are two different sorts of power sources available for GPS trackers: battery-powered and trackers that can be connected to a vehicle’s battery.

Signal strength is a critical factor in the position of the vehicle tracker in the automobile. Even though most trackers can pick up the signal through windows, wood, and glass, as a general rule, the tracker should have a line of sight to the sky. To determine the tracker’s location, it is obvious to take note of the battery life and build quality and signal strength.

Where to install the car’s vehicle tracker

Let’s talk about where to hide the vehicle tracker within the automobile now that we know the best procedures for installing a GPS tracker inside a vehicle.

 There are several places, but we are listing eight places which is the ideal location for placing a tracker for a car.

  1. Glove Box
  2. Centre Console
  3. The lower side of the rear window
  4. Side storage in the trunk
  5. Rear bumper
  6. Door storage of the vehicle
  7. Front bumper
  8. Directly engine bay

This section is where you can get creative. After carefully inspecting the vehicle tracker you have acquired, you can locate the best location.

You can also put the GPS tracker under the automobile or seat. It is entirely up to your preference; however, after setting the tracker, check the signal from several locations. Your location selection is sound if it establishes a solid connection, even in a sparsely populated area. If not, you could switch to a different position.

Best place to put a GPS Tracking device inside a car with the battery

As we’ve already mentioned, this area of car trackers allows for some genuinely imaginative thinking. Notably, this kind of GPS tracker comes with a magnetic mount. Anywhere there is a metal component on the car, this can be installed there. But keep it away from the gasoline tank’s pipelines and tank. As previously indicated, attention should be paid to positioning the auto tracker where it can establish a direct connection without any obstructions.

Car GPS Trackers without inbuilt battery

Only the OBDii Port or a separate connection to the car battery can accept these kinds of vehicle trackers.


A car tracker will, without a doubt, be the best option for car safety. The product itself determines where tracking devices should be installed within an automobile. The primary determinants of tracker placement in the environment are the battery type and build quality. At Carkey Master, we install a car trackers system on cars. Visit us or contact us to get the best tracking system for your vehicle. We also replace car keys or duplicate them.

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