Steering Lock ESL

Steering Lock ESL

This is the electronic steering lock found in Mercedes models such as W204, W212, W207, W2014. The main function of the ESL being to automatically lock your car’s steering once you have removed the key from the ignition. Usually an added security measure. Given it is a system that is in use every time you switch the ignition on and off it does tend to wear off gradually and you might not notice it’s failing up until the very end. 

How to check for fault


The main tell tales of a failing ESL is that you will notice problems turning your ignition on, you can hear your Electronic steering lock (ESL) making a funny noise each time you insert the key in the ignition. But sometimes ignition-related problems can be caused by a variety of other issues, so before reaching a false conclusion, the only way to be sure is to bring the car into our shop, or better yet we can send one of our technicians to your location. 



We have the required equipment and even better personnel that can do a diagnosis on your car and pinpoint what issue your ESL has.

From this point, we can then go ahead and either unlock the ESL system of any Mercedes model, other options include replacing or repairing your car’s ESL.  We can perform either of these measures as we are fully equipped including replacing the emulator for your Benz or other car models such as VW and BMW models.

How we can help

Contact Carkey Masters today for more information on how we can solve this issue for you at a friendly rate and have you back on the road in no time.

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