Most Common Car Key Problems and Solutions

car key problems and solutions

Most Common Car Key Problems and Solutions

Most individuals never consider paying extra attention to typical automobile key issues. It’s not your car’s gearbox or engine, after all.

Well, if that applies to you. Then, you’ll be shocked to learn that you need to give it more attention. This is due to the fact that it may become faulty, just like other automotive parts.

Even worse, you won’t be able to get in or start your automobile because of this. What good is a car you can’t get into or start? In this article, we’ll talk about typical car key issues so that we can help you make smarter decisions. We’ll then explain how to avoid and resolve them.

Common Car Key Problems You Should Know

Usually, if you have a problem with your car key, it’ll most likely fall under four categories. They are:

Damage to your key

The durability of car keys is undeniable. For example, they don’t simply crack or bend. This does not, however, imply that they are impervious to harm.

Yes, a car key may occasionally sustain damage. This is especially true when you don’t give the bare minimum of care.

For instance, I wouldn’t recommend letting anyone play with your key or flip it around. Such circumstances could lead to chipping and bending.

You’ll eventually discover that your key is no longer compatible with the lock. Even starting your car can be a challenge for you.

Loss of connection with the engine control unit (ECU)

A lack of communication with a car’s ECU is among the most frequent issues with car keys. Usually, when you turn on the ignition, your key sends a unique code to the ECU. 

The system recognizes this code, which permits the automobile to start. Unfortunately, there may be issues with this system. In such circumstances, the system is unable to identify the unique code. Remarkably, this ultimately prevents the automobile from starting.

Loss of key

Notably, this is different from other typical auto essential issues. The key is not broken or otherwise problematic in this instance. It’s more that I can’t find the key.

This typically happens in a variety of ways. You might have lost the key, for instance. or that it was taken.

Well, this is a problem regardless of the conditions. Usually, you won’t be able to get into the car. You wouldn’t be able to start the vehicle even if you did.

A quick aside: Avoid using the typical break-in entry or ignition approach. You’ll only cause harm to your car. Therefore, it is preferable to obtain a replacement auto key.


Wrong key placement

When you lock your automobile after putting your key inside, this happens. Typically, you may find it behind the wheel or in the car’s trunk.

When you have an extra key, this issue becomes considerably more problematic. Then again, it is also in your glove box. As a result, you won’t be able to access both keys and will struggle to start your car.



How to Avoid Common Car Key Problems 

Despite how problematic these issues are, you can easily prevent them. Here are some things to keep in mind to do this.

Make sure you store your car key in a secure location. Always keep them in the same place when storing them. In this manner, you may find it whenever you need it.

Always keep a spare car key on hand. Car Key Masters is here to help you duplicate your car keys. We also replace lost car keys. If you can’t unlock your car, kindly contact us to help you get back in your car. Also, it is advisable to replace the key fob’s battery regularly.

Solutions to Car Key Issues

Now that you know, you should be worried about the security of your automobile keys; however, if you’re having any of the typical auto critical issues.

Here are various fixes for car key problems in detail.

Reprogram your key

If your key has lost contact with your car’s ECU, this fix is crucial. You’ll need to consult an authority to help reprogram it. In this manner, your vehicle can start to read and accept its unique code once more.

Car key replacement 

Obtaining a replacement automobile key is another option for your critical problems. The case where you can’t find your car key is most suited for this. Or the spare is locked inside your vehicle. Your only choice in this situation is to buy a replacement automobile key.

Final Thoughts on Common Car Key Problems

The truth is that your automobile key can sustain damage or have problems. Numerous problems could arise. As a result, you must use them with additional caution.

But if you need assistance and have any of these typical car key issues, you can check out our car key replacement services. Your automobile key can be replaced or reprogrammed with our assistance.

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