Car Alarm System

Car Alarm System

CarKey Masters is a reputable provider of vehicle security systems, anti-theft car alarms, and automobile tracking in Kenya. We provide cost-effective auto alarms and tracking systems for vehicles of the highest caliber and skilled installation. This guarantees that the installation was performed expertly and per manufacturer standards.

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What service do we provide:

Notably, we offer the best car alarm system to identify, prevent, and thwart any malicious behavior against your vehicle. 

The complex array of sensors used in contemporary automotive alarms includes impact, shock, and ultrasonic sensors, among others. We issue an installation certificate, and our automobile alarm systems are approved.

Our cutting-edge auto alarm system won’t just stop crooks from breaking into your vehicle but also immobilize your car engine in case of unauthorized access or hijacking. 

What you need


All we ask is that you provide us with your license and logbook information as proof of ownership.
We understand that time is important to our clients, which is why we have highly qualified and certified employees that can do the task efficiently and quickly.

How we can help? Car Alarm System Installation

The following are some advantages of adopting CarKey Masters alarm system for your vehicle security systems.

High-quality equipment with a warranty: we offer a one-year manufacturer’s defect warranty on all car security systems. Without explaining, we replace any device that experiences technical problems throughout the warranty period.

Affordable costs: Compared to our competitors, we provide low-cost cat monitoring systems.

Convenience and Flexibility: We are a flexible business that focuses on meeting the demands of individual clients. The client-specified time and location are also used for installation.

After-sale assistance: We provide unlimited technical assistance for all the car security systems we install.

New Concepts: We constantly develop new concepts and items to keep your car safe. We also ensure that our products support upcoming upgrades and are compatible with current technology.

The cost of a car alarm system in Kenya varies according to the brand and caliber of the alarm system. Only genuine auto alarm systems from recognized manufacturers are used at Carkey Masters. Get your car alarm system installed today.

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