What Is The Difference Between Key Replacement And Key Duplication?

What Is The Difference Between Key Replacement And Key Duplication?

You lock your car door without thinking, and you forget to take the keys with you or lose your keys. Great! Now you either need a key replacement or duplication.

So you’re already aware that you can contact a locksmith to make you another key, but do you know how it’s done?

When it comes to keys, you have the option of having a key duplicate made or having a key cut. Both of which are services you can get from the best in the business Carkey Masters. 

We get a common question, be it via our DMS, service line, or when a customer drops by, “What is the difference between key replacement and key duplication?”

Let’s go over the differences so you can decide how you want to go about getting new keys.

How is key duplication done?

Locksmiths use the data embedded in the transponder to create a new key that looks exactly like the original. It’s made to a perfect match of the original key.

While duplication can be used to create a replacement or duplicate key for a vehicle, it cannot be used in the event of a lockout because the original key must be used.

How is key replacement done?

This process is carried out by the locksmith to create keys from scratch. At CarKey Masters, we program an additional transponder key to the available slots.

That means they’ll have to reprogram the key to work with your vehicle’s computer system. 

In other cases, the locksmith will replace the key to match an existing key then finish it to match the lock as part of the process.

How To Decide: 

  • Cost: Key duplication requires less time and effort than key replacement, so it’s less costly. 

Key cutting is typically more difficult, and the locksmith service needs to use multiple machines to complete the task. It usually costs more due to the added labor involved.

  • Versatility: Key replacement is a more versatile service because it can be used even if the original key is no longer available. 

Since key duplication can only use data from an existing key, it isn’t an option for lost or stolen keys.

  • Security: While key duplication is a quick and inexpensive way to replace a lost or stolen key, it isn’t the best option if one of your keys has been lost or stolen. 

Your vehicle’s computer won’t be able to tell the difference because the new key is a duplicate of your old one. 

The best option for keeping your vehicle secure is to replace the locks and cut new keys.
At CarkeyMasters, we offer both services in case you may need one of the services. Get in touch with us for car key duplication or car key replacement.

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