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Did you know that we have different types of car keys? Notably, situations may arise where you may need to change or replace your car key i.e., you could misplace your key, your key could break in the ignition, etc. Knowing what kind of key you have is vital for the above-mentioned reasons.

Each car comes with its specification which means each car comes with its type of key. The 4 most known types of car keys are;

1. Smart Car Keys

Smart keys are the latest type of keys to be manufactured. While they bear the name “keys”, they are not actual keys as they are designed to stay in your pocket and no unlocking is required. Any car that uses the smart key system will have antennas that detect the presence of the smart key. Additionally, the car’s immobilizer will be deactivated and the ignition started with the push of a button if the smart key is within. 

2. Transponder Car Keys

Transponder keys come equipped with a plastic head on top and in most cases, an inductor can be found inside it. With a key like this, there is a little handshaking that goes on back and forth between your car and this key. When the key is inserted into the ignition, a sensor responds and activates the transponder which eventually results in your car starting.

3. Flip Styles Remote Car Keys

This key folds within itself and it’s sometimes called the switchblade key. There is a button that will always pop out the key for use. With this key, its base can be retractable into the head or fob of the key.

4. Remote Car Keys

Remote keys are usually used for menial tasks such as locking and unlocking cars from a distance. The security device will either use an infrared signal or a radio transmitter to send an encoded message to the receiver in the car. Furthermore, these car keys are usually battery operated and have a button on the key fob, which will disable the car’s alarm system.


Since the first car key was used in 1910, great technological advancements have been made. With time, transponder chips were included in keys to increase safety, and following this, remote car keys and smart car keys have further increased vehicle safety. We are here to help you comprehend your car keys. You can easily acquire a duplicate or replica from us at any time. Also if you need your car key programmed contact us today!

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