Tips on How to Save Money on Car Key Replacement

car key replacement

Tips on How to Save Money on Car Key Replacement

“ Not again! I can’t find my car keys and I am on a low budget!” You might find yourself in such a situation, where your car keys get lost or locked inside a car or break. We do not plan for such things; however, we need to be well prepared when we misplace our keys. Notably, to avoid spending a lot of money and time when you lose your keys it is crucial to prepare in advance. Here are 4 tips on how to save money on car key replacement.

Spare set of car keys

You should always have a spare set of keys. Carkey will help you get a spare set, this can save you money and time when you lose your keys.  Getting a spare key and hiring a professional locksmith to program it will save you money and the panic of losing a set of car keys, especially when there is an emergency.

Use key locator device

Have you ever lost your car keys and stood there stranded wondering how you can magically locate your keys? Well, you don’t need magic but a key locator device.  A Key locator is designed in such a way that it can locate your keys. You will know that you have found your keys the moment the key locator starts to light up or beep.

Waterproof protective cover

A waterproof key case will protect your car keys from shock, water, and dirt. Hence you can be comfortable enjoying sports like surfing, diving, or any other without worrying if someone may steal your key. You can always carry your key anyway and it will be protected and functional. Hence, you don’t have to worry about unfunctional keys due to some activities.

Have a local locksmith service provider

Another way of saving money is by having your go-to locksmith. The process will be cheaper but you will however be required to provide registration of your car and some proof like an identification card. This is to help to identify that the car is yours. If you happen to live in Nairobi there is a great Car key replacement service offered by a professional experienced locksmith, known as CarKey Masters. 

Car tip

When your car key does not work properly, ensure to check the batteries. At times the problem may be dead batteries. In this case, replace the batteries and your car will work again. You can replace it by using a screwdriver to unscrew the back of the key and replace the old batteries with new ones of the same part number.


Losing your car keys can be frustrating. The knowledge of car key replacement will help you to get a new car key at an affordable price. Hence give these tips some thoughts and let us help you get a new car key. Now you know how to get hold of new car keys without letting the wallet hit hard. 

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