Symptoms Of A Failing Key Fob Battery

Symptoms Of A Failing Key Fob Battery

A key fob generally allows you to lock and unlock car doors without having to insert a physical key into the locking mechanism. They are unrivalled in terms of convenience due to their sophisticated, battery-powered devices made of numerous intricate parts. However, if their parts fail or their batteries run out, they won’t function. 

The following signs can help you determine whether you need to schedule repairs or replace your battery.

How to Tell If Your Key Fob Battery Is Not Working

Multiple clicks needed

A working key fob only requires one click to open your doors. If you have to click several times before the lock engages or disengages, the batteries are probably dead or one of the fob’s internal parts isn’t well connected.

Works inconsistently

It can be quite annoying if your fob only works sometimes. Try to keep track of how frequently your fob works and how frequently you need to physically lock or unlock the doors.

Weak signal

If you’re trying to lock or unlock your car from a distance and are unable to, your car key fob’s battery might be dying. The fob should transmit a signal up to 50 feet between the device and the lock. If that’s not the case, you should consider getting a replacement.

LED Light is faint (weak) or not blinking

If the LED light on your key fob doesn’t blink or blinks faintly when you press any of the LOCK or UNLOCK buttons then it could be that your car key fob battery is drained.

Key icon or notification on dashboard instrument cluster

Some of these newer cars (with Push to Start ignition system) notify the driver when they cannot detect the car key frequency well. The alert could be a key icon blinking when you drive or a notification on the screen alerting you to change the car key fob battery. 


One thing you want to make sure of is not to let your key fob battery wear out completely. This can cause the fob sensors to reset, meaning that they won’t connect to your car and you’ll end up locked out and stranded.

Are you struggling with a dead or dying key fob? Get in touch with CarKey Masters. We’ll repair, replace, reprogram, and reinstall new key fob batteries and get you back on your way.

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