Car Tracking

Car Tracking

Our Advanced Vehicle Tracking System employs the most cutting-edge technology available in the Kenyan market, making our vehicle tracking package second to none. We believe in quality, affordability, and offering everyone the opportunity to obtain a car. Our customers can choose from the following vehicle monitoring packages designed specifically for personal vehicles. At CarKey Masters, we aim to provide you with the best Car Tracking services .

# No 1 Car Tracking Company in Kenya.

What keys do we program:


We deal car tracking services ranging from;

  1. Car Tracking Via SMS and GPRS from Mobile Phone or Computer
  2. SOS panic button
  3. Engine cut off directly from Mobile Phone or Computer
  4. Exact location of a stolen vehicle and Continuous Monitoring
  5. User Name and Password to access the Online Vehicle Tracking System
  6. Setting of Custom Alerts such as Speeding Alerts
  7. Internal Power Backup up to 3 days
  8. Mileage Reports
  9. Vehicle Location Using Mobile Phone
  10. Power Disconnection Alert and Backup
  11. Vehicle Stay Details/Idle Time Reports
  12. Real-time Location Reports
  13. Speed Reports
  14. History Reports and Vehicle Route Playback

Fleet Management


A fleet management system is a program that links several cars under one management. This allows for simple control of day-to-day fleet activities. The Fleet Management System gets data from many GPS automobile monitoring devices at the same time. and presents them in an understandable manner Call us today to for a free quote.

How we can help? Car Tracking Services

In case you can’t come to us, we provide personalized services where we can come to your location .

Carkey tip:

The GPS tracking system begins collecting data once it is put in the car. Data saved in the automobile tracking gadget is then available by mobile phone text SMS, smartphone application, or computer web platform.Furthermore, once installed, you will be able to inspect and/or manage the car using your smartphone.As we like to say, Better Safe Than Sorry!

Our rates are dependent on the car model and very affordable. So pay us a visit or reach out to us for a personalized quote. Our team is ready to be of service. 

Gps system in a smart car

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