Pros and Cons Of Keyless Entry

Pros and Cons Of Keyless Entry

The ceremonious handing over of the keys to that shiny new car is a much-anticipated event. However, if you purchased a car in the last few years, you may have received a different device based on the keyless entry system instead of a traditional insert-key.

Keyless entry allows the driver to open, lock, or start the car using radio signals transmitted via a key fob. The key fob must be within range of the driver’s person, for it to function. 

So what are the pros and cons of having a keyless entry key for your car?

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Forgetting to switch off the car

Cars are fitted with warning mechanisms, but even so, at times, they are parked with their engine still running. If the car does not have the safety feature to switch off automatically, the engine keeps running until it runs out of gas. This is not only inconvenient, but it could also be dangerous due to toxic fumes.

Complex system

The complexity of the keyless system increases the chances of damage to the programmable modules if not handled by experienced technicians like CarKey Masters.

Cost of replacing

Replacing a lost fob is much more expensive than replacing a traditional key. Further, electronic components deteriorate over time, necessitating the replacement of either the key or system repair. This is a hefty price to pay just to get your car unlocked.

Automatic Locking

Although locking your car should be second nature, the nagging thought “have I locked the car?” causes you to walk back just to be sure. Now, some types of keyless systems save you that trouble because the car automatically locks itself after you have walked a certain distance away from it. However, if you leave without leaving the key fob in the car, the vehicle will remain unlocked. Of course, this ensures that you are not locked out of your vehicle.


Better Security

The most recent systems require a unique code to unlock the car, making it more difficult to steal. The system employs electronic key fob recognition via code authorization. The vehicle will only be unlocked or started if the car computer detects that specific code. Certain car manufacturers use computer-encrypted microchips in their keyless systems, further enhancing security layers.


You no longer have to fumble around or juggle inserting your key while holding a handful of groceries or children. The brush of a hand on the key fob will open doors, the wave of a foot under the rear bumper will lift boot lids, and pressing the ignition button will start your drive.

New technology in cars generally means greater accessibility and security, but consumers should be aware of the positive and negative aspects of these upgrades. If you’re not sure if a keyless entry system is right for you, reach out to a reputable locksmith in Nairobi like CarKey Masters. We can be reached at +254727262605 to answer any questions you may have.

Until next time, cheers!

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