Mercedes Benz steering lock failure


Mercedes Benz Steering Lock Failure; How To Fix It Affordably

A Mercedes Benz is susceptible to damage despite it being a high-end luxury car. Mercedes Benz steering lock failure is brought about by several factors like an internal electrical failure or mechanical failure and it is one of the most unpleasant aspects of driving a Mercedes. When you insert the fob into the ignition and get no response, this could be a sign of steering lock failure. These are some of the signs you should look out for in case you suspect that your car could be experiencing this problem;

  • The key turns, but the engine won’t start.
  • Key warning on the dashboard.
  • Car starts intermittently
  • Steering wheel stuck
  • You cannot unlock the ignition or steering wheel

When this occurs, you cannot start your car at all.

How to fix your Mercedes Benz steering lock

When faced with a problem like this, it is important to note that you need to have in-depth information on what is happening to your car before you try to fix it. Do not attempt to fix the situation without consulting the necessary parties because doing so could cause more damage. 

Instead, you should;

1. Seek help from your dealership

It can be confusing and difficult to fully grasp where the problem lies. It is for this reason that you should first consult a trusted dealer like Carkey Masters. We are capable of fixing the problem and it will probably take a very short time. We are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, and equipment to deal with the problem.

2. Seek help from an Auto Locksmith

You can also consult an auto locksmith near you. An auto locksmith is a person who is a specialist in key programming.  An auto locksmith will also solve the issue faster and save you time. An auto locksmith can perform a bench test on the EIS, ESL, and the key to find out where the problem lies. This will save you the cost of buying unnecessary car parts. A locksmith will suggest the following affordable solutions;


3. Install an ESL(steering lock) Emulator

ESL(steering lock) Emulator

Using an ESL Emulator will not cause any significant deterioration in the quality or value of the car and it is also an affordable method of repair. The emulator simulates the operation of your car and the steering wheel is not blocked in any way. It is recommendable to use an Emulator because this is a permanent way of solving the problem.

4. Replace the ESL Motor

ESL Motor

Replacing the ESL Motor will not affect the way your car functions. The ESL Motor has been manufactured to fit the same as the original one. 

These are effective and affordable ways to fix the Mercedes Benz steering lock failure. Even though cars are susceptible to damage every now and then, you can be able to avoid situations like this by servicing your car regularly. This will improve your car’s performance as well as reduce the risk of a malfunction. 

If you are experiencing a similar problem with your Mercedes Benz, contact Carkey Masters for further guidance.

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