Lost your car keys? Here is what to do

Lost your car keys? Here is what to do

Did you know, according to the latest car theft statistics by The Association Of Kenya Insurers (AKI), out of 406 cars reported stolen to insurers in Kenya, about 71% were Toyota brand, while 51 % of these were white in color. You’re probably wondering what the math behind these numbers is. Toyotas are more prone to theft because their spare parts are easy for car thieves to sell off as they tend to be compatible with other models. White cars on the other hand make up about 80 % of cars on Kenya roads, this owing to the fact that white is a cheaper purchase than say a black car of the same make. For thieves, white cars are also easier to repaint.

Here are a few other fun facts about car keys that you probably didn’t know.

According to statistics, about 27% of drivers lose their keys at some point. Car keys are the 3rd most lost item after our mobile phones and house keys. With the former, you can easily track your phone to locate it, as for house keys most people have a spare key, but not many people actually think of getting a spare car key.

In the event that your keys are stolen, here are some important steps you should take:

  1. Secure your car. 

If someone went to the great lengths of stealing your keys then they have every intention of stealing your car as well. And given the advancement in technology, hot-wiring as is done in movies is now close to impossible so stealing your keys is the more viable way of getting to your car. So take the threat seriously. Having a spare key is important, as you can use this to move the vehicle to somewhere safe. If you don’t have a spare key, then contact a breakdown provider, for towing services. This will be an added cost but your only option if you don’t have a spare key.

  1. Call or report the matter to the nearest police station. 

File a report and include as much detail as you can, including who you think might have stolen them. Also note, this step is important in order to make an insurance claim. As you’ll need an OB number. 

  1. Call your insurance company. 

Some insurances cover lost keys. It might however take up to 3 days before they file the keys as lost. While some don’t cover it all together. But the only way to know for sure is to call them and ask. 

  1. One of the most common questions is whether you need to change your locks. If your keys are the new model with a computer chip embedded in them then you will probably not need to change the locks. In the event that your car and keys are of the older car models, worry not. We have a solution for that too.  

How we can help in the event that you lost your car keys. 

You’re probably spiraling confused and anxious. Our team is happy to help you with this situation. First, we can help you with deprogramming the old car keys, meaning whoever has your old copy cannot unlock your car. And consequently making you a new copy. In addition, there’s a chance that whoever stole the keys wasn’t even sure which car they belonged to. And in an event that it happened at a place you often frequent, such as the parking garage at work, a joint you frequent or maybe even the street you park on at your residence, then the person that stole the keys can easily walk around pressing the remote waiting to see which car it actually opens. For this, we can deprogram the remote locking function in your car and install afresh. Thus improving your security and giving you some much-needed peace of mind. 

For older car models, we can make you a new key to fit your existing locks. But in the event that you would rather change the locks altogether, we can effectively deliver on this by changing locks and ignition. As well as helping you make an extra copy of the key for emergencies and possible misplacement of your car key.

For added security, we also specialize in car alarm installation for different car brands and models. We are happy to give you these and many more services

Car key tips

  • If your house keys were in the same keying as your car key, then you should probably consider changing your locks, just to be on the safe side. And also consider keeping your car keys and house keys separate. 
  • Always have a spare key. Makes step one easy, as well as convenient for other emergencies such as misplacement or locking your keys in the car. 
  • Consider installing a tracker on your key, which you can then track on your phone. In addition, thanks to the advancement in technology you can also install an anti-theft security system in your car. You can also invest in a biometric immobilizer, this functions pretty much like the fingerprint ID on your phone, in that it only recognizes the fingerprint of the car owner/ driver if the fingerprint doesn’t match, you guessed it! Then the car won’t start.  
  • Consider adding your car’s number plates on other parts of the car such as the windscreen or side mirrors. Especially on white cars as this will increase the chances of helping identify your vehicle, seeing the first thing thieves do is taking out the number plate.
  • Lastly, never leave your car unlocked / keys in the ignition, and never leave your windows down. Even if you are just making a quick run. Lock your car always. And also remember to keep your keys in a safe place. Not on your work desk, on the table when grabbing drinks with friends or laying around your kitchen counter or bed stand.  Find a nice safe place to keep them at all times. That includes your spare key; know where it is at all times, you never know when you will need it.

Contact CarKey Masters in case of lost car keys, we are happy to assist and answer any questions you might have including providing you with an affordable package tailored to your needs. 

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