Honda Car Key Replacement

Honda Car Key Replacement

Honda Car Key Replacement

Honda Key Replacement Near Me

Whether you live in Nairobi City or outside the city, you might one day find yourself looking for a Honda car key replacement. Most probably you misplaced your keys at work, at home, or in the park. This means you’ll need to get your car keys replaced if they don’t turn up. At CarKey Masters, our expert staff will get you set up with new Honda keys, fast and easy. And with competitive prices, you can be sure you aren’t overpaying to get back behind the wheel. Here is what you need to do to replace your ignition keys and your Honda key fob. 

What a New Car Key Involves

Classic Honda Keys

Notably, if you have an old Honda car lock, don’t dispose of it. Most Honda locks have a key code that is engraved on them and only a professional car locksmith can get you a key for your lock. Hence, get in touch with us.

Transponder (Chip) Honda Car Keys

Notably,  Honda owners comprehend that most Honda models use a transponder key.  This means that they have a microchip embedded in the plastic part of the key. These chips require that a professional program be the key to your Honda. 

Hondas have a high-security system in that if the key isn’t programmed, the vehicle’s anti-theft system will prevent it from starting and running.  This is because the car’s system thinks you’re stealing the car!  

For a transponder key, the process is similar to a basic key. However, you will need to program your key/keyless fob and most likely need a locksmith near you, to cut the high-security blade on your Honda key. 

Program Honda Keyless Fobs & Remotes

Another reason you need a professional car key locksmith,   Honda keyless entry remote also needs to be programmed into your vehicle’s onboard computer. So, even if you just lose the fob, you’ll need to bring it in for programming. 

Most Honda Car Keys duplicate or new copy has to be programmed into your vehicle to start it. Once a key is programmed to your car, the immobilizer light will turn off

Note: For Honda owners who already have replacement Honda keys, remote or keyless fob, we offer cost-effective Honda key programming service at CarKey Masters. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

For Honda Car Key Duplication does My Car Have to Be There?

To get a Honda Car Key replacement you’ll need to drive or tow your car to the dealership or contact a nearby car locksmith. The main differences between the two can be measured in response time, price, and quality of parts.

Since programming is essentially pairing a new key to your Honda, both your car and your new key have to be present. Also, you should have all other keys and remotes with you to make sure they continue to function after programming. 

What is the Honda replacement car key price?

Car key replacement cost varies between makes and models. Notably, to get a price for your Honda key replacement we recommend you visit our offices or contact us. Our staff responds immediately to any query hence don’t worry about being kept on hold.

For any car key duplication or replacement services, get in touch with us

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