Does Your Car Need An Ignition Switch Replacement

Does Your Car Need An Ignition Switch Replacement

Starting your car looks like such a simple task, right? You turn the key, and your car goes on. But for those who don’t know, it’s a slightly more complex process involving an ignition switch.

When you turn the key in your car, that action causes a chain of events to occur, and if one of those events doesn’t occur due to a faulty or worn-out part, your car will not start. 

There are a few key indicators that your ignition switch is about to fail or has failed, but first, let’s look at what an ignition switch is and what it does.

What Is An Ignition Switch?

An ignition switch controls the starter system of an engine and also controls the power source for the majority of electronic devices in cars. Most ignition switches operate by turning a key, but more modern cars have push-button ignitions. 

The switch’s design allows for different modes to be selected, like accessories, which powers only lights and entertainment, run, which powers all components and start, which starts up the car. 

Signs Your Ignition Switch Has A Problem

Car fails to start

The most common symptom of ignition trouble is a car that won’t start or a slow start. This is most commonly due to corrosion on the electrical circuit directly connected to the ignition system, which prevents the proper amount of electricity from flowing.

Key Will Not Turn

A key that will not turn in the ignition is an obvious sign that your ignition has a problem. However before you come to this conclusion, make sure the steering wheel is not locked by turning the steering wheel back and forth. 

If the key still won’t turn, there could be excessive wear inside the ignition preventing the key from properly aligning with the keyhole. Your car will not start if the key cannot be turned.

Stalling or jerking

Stalling or jerking is another symptom that can be caused by several issues. However, if it is related to the ignition, it will most likely occur while your car is in motion, not while it is idle.

Flickering Dashboard Lights

Flickering dashboard lights are one of the more interesting symptoms of ignition trouble. While this is not a common occurrence, it is an indication of a problem. If it is related to the ignition, it will usually happen while the car is in motion.

No Noise From The Starter

If you turn the key and nothing happens, the ignition switch may be unable to create the necessary electrical pathway from the battery to the starter motor. 

While this could also be caused by a dead battery, you can test this by seeing if other car accessories, such as the radio or power windows work when the key is turned on. If the battery is not dead, the problem is most likely caused by an ignition problem.

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