Common Signs Your Car Lock Has Been Tampered With And What To Do About It

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Common Signs Your Car Lock Has Been Tampered With And What To Do About It

Have you ever got to the parking lot, looked at your car door, and had the feeling something was wrong? When that feeling of fear or stress creeps up, don’t ignore it. Instead, check thoroughly for any signs of tampering/break-in so you can take proper action. If you are not sure what to look out for, here are a few common warning signs of an attempted car break-in;

1. The Lock Is Damaged

For a lock to be completely damaged, brute force has to be applied. Brute force is the option for any amateur that doesn’t know how to pick, snap or bump locks. Usually, a crowbar or a tool similar to a crowbar will be used to damage the body of the lock in the hope of unhinging it. Additionally, a damaged lock isn’t easy to repair, so you’ll want to invest in new locks as soon as possible.

2. Your Lock Doesn’t Function Properly

Even if you don’t immediately notice signs of tampering, if your key doesn’t turn as easily as it usually does that’s a red flag. Once you notice that your lock isn’t functioning the way it normally does, look around for any visible warning signs of damage. In the event that this happens, reach out to us immediately so we can have one of our certified mobile mechanics inspect your door locking system.

3. Tiny Scratch Marks Around The Keyhole

Tiny scratch marks around the keyhole are a result of lock picking. This traditional method of lock tampering is gentle and doesn’t leave much of a trace. Typically, a burglar uses a small pick or flat screwdriver to rake the pin tumblers in your lock until they all catch and the lock turns. 

When these small tools wiggle around inside your lock, they may cut into edges and leave marks. If you notice that your key is harder to turn than usual, check around the keyhole for tiny scratch marks or fresh, shiny metal marks finer than those left by your key. These are hard to notice but could be signs that someone tried to pick your lock thus the need for a thorough inspection.

What To Do If You Think Someone Has Tampered With Your Locks

Once you know what to look for, you can assess whether someone has attempted to break into your car. If you do suspect attempted burglary, there are several steps you can take to maximize your safety;

  1. Take Notes and Gather Evidence
  2. Call The Police
  3. Contact a Professional Automotive Locksmith


Now that you know the telltale signs of lock tampering and how to respond when you see them, take the necessary steps to prevent future break-in attempts for your peace of mind. Even if you haven’t experienced this, being proactive will be beneficial to you in the future.

If you’re interested in improving or securing your car’s locking system, let Carkey aid you in this. Contact us today for more information.

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