Car Alarm Systems: Types And Which One Is Best For Your Car

Car Alarm Systems: Types And Which One Is Best For Your Car

Your car is not just a mere means of transportation—it’s your trusted road trip companion, one of your most valuable assets, and perhaps most importantly, a mobile memory-making machine.

The best way to protect your ride is by arming it with a car alarm system. We did the legwork for you and found a few great choices for the best car alarm system available

Benefits Of Getting A Car Alarm System

  • Protect your property – You probably paid a pretty penny for your shiny set of wheels, so it’s only natural that you’d want to protect your investment. The most cost-effective and simple way to protect your car from theft is to install a car alarm system.
  • Installation is simple – Installing an automotive anti-theft system can be a difficult task that requires a tangle of wires and tinkering with your car’s electrical system. Unless you have the time and technical know-how to do it yourself, it is strongly advised that you have a professional install your alarm system. 
  • Personalization – Some premium alarm systems allow you to customize certain security features and functions. Everything from the tone of the siren to the sensitivity of the shock sensors may be adjustable. If you want a more personalized approach to automotive security, anti-theft car alarms deliver—but at a higher price.
  • Add high-end features to the car – For added convenience, more advanced car security systems will include innovative features such as remote engine start/stop, passive keyless entry, and customizable alarm tones and volume among other high-end features.

Types Of Car Alarm Systems

Active Alarm

The button activates or deactivated the car alarm systems when you hit the button. Simply locking the doors and walking away does not activate the passive alarm. This car alarm is ideal for customers who want a more engaging experience when it comes to securing their cars.

Passive Alarm

The passive car alarm locks the doors and activates the alarm when your car’s engine is turned off. The driver has to unlock the doors to deactivate a passive car security system. This aftermarket car alarm is ideal for drivers who prefer a hands-free approach to car security.

Audible Alarm

An audible alert is emitted when an audible car alarm system is tripped. The audible alert can range from a repeated honking of the horn to an attention-grabbing alarm tone. This type of alarm is effective at drawing attention to a would-be thief attempting to break into your car, but it can be annoying if set off by accident.

Silent Alarm

Silent car alarms notify the owner that their car has been broken into. The owner is allowed to catch the thief in the act since the thief does not receive any audible cues that the alarm has been activated. In this case, the owners should call the cops to report a possible break-in. Check to see if your silent car alarm system performs this function automatically.

Remote Start Alarm

Remote start car alarm systems allow you to start your car from a distance.

GPS Alarm

Car alarm systems with GPS tracking pinpoint the exact location of a stolen car, assisting police in recovering the car and apprehending the suspect.

Two-Way Paging Alarm

This type of car alarm system allows for two-way communication between your car’s alarm and the key fob. The two-way paging system notifies you when your car’s alarm system is activated or deactivated, when the doors are locked or unlocked, and when the alarm is triggered. 

Key Car Alarm Features

Carjack Protection

Carjack protection uses chirping alarms, flashing lights, and ignition kill switches to attract the attention of car thieves attempting to break into your car. This comprehensive feature is designed to deter thieves from stealing your car, and it is quite effective.

Encrypted Transmission 

Unfortunately, determined car thieves do not need a crowbar to break into your car; instead, they can simply hack the signal from your key fob and unlock your car remotely. If you’re looking for a wireless alarm system with remote entry, you must find the one that uses encrypted transmission to keep the tech-savvy thieves at bay.

Mobile-App Compatibility

Many alarm system manufacturers provide specialized mobile apps that allow you to control and manage your car’s security system using your smartphone. These handy remote apps allow you to monitor your car and receive text and email alerts if there are any security issues. You also don’t have to carry around an extra key fob or remote.

Shock Sensors

These motion sensors are almost certainly found in the best-rated car alarms on the market. The shock sensors detect the impact and send an alert if your car is jostled or struck. If the alarm system includes a siren, the alert will activate the audible alarm. You are notified by your car alarm that you’ve been hit if it includes mobile alerts.

Two-Way Remotes

A basic alarm usually comes with a one-way remote that allows you to unlock and lock your car’s doors, as well as arm and disarm the alarm. A two-way remote provides visual confirmation that you have performed common functions such as turning on your engine, radio, or air conditioning. Some higher-end models include an LCD screen that displays inputs as well as security alerts.


We hope this blog helps you better understand the different kinds of car alarm systems. 

You are now in a position to settle on the one that’s best for you.

We offer 3 different types of alarm systems; Autowatch, Prestige (with an inbuilt cutout) and Prestige (without a cutout). 

Contact us to get yours installed.

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