8 Ways To Prevent Keyless Car Theft

8 Ways To Prevent Keyless Car Theft

So what is a keyless car? It’s a car that does not have a traditional metal key to open the doors (at least, not as the primary way to gain entry) or start the motor — instead, a digital fob, card, or smartphone app is used to gain entry, and as long as the digital key is detected inside the car, a push button on the inside allows the car to be started up.

Keyless car theft is when a thief accesses and steals your vehicle without possessing the original fob or card. The car is tricked into believing the digital key is being used. 

Now that you know what keyless cars are, and how keyless car theft happens, let’s get into why you clicked on this blog. 

How do you prevent keyless car theft?

1. Look for the flash

This one may be a bit obvious for some, but people do sometimes forget to lock their cars or check if it’s properly locked. 

Whenever you lock your car, whether by touching the door handle or clicking the button on a remote, make sure the indicators flash and mirrors fold (if you have that functionality), and listen for the clunk of locks.

2.  Turn off Keyless Fob’s Wireless Signal 

Do you have a keyless fob? Switch off wireless signals on your keyless fob.

To turn off you should look in your cars manual to see if you can do this or simply Google it. 

3. Use a Steering Wheel Lock or Car Alarm

Yes, we know, you threw out the wheel lock back in the 90’s.

Most modern car thieves are equipped with laptops rather than hand tools, so mechanical devices – such as steering wheel locks – can be a real deterrent.

4. Reprograme your keys

If you buy a second-hand vehicle, there is a risk that you may not be given all of the sets of car keys.

Reprograme your car keys if you’re unsure so previous owners can’t access the vehicle.

Warning: Although be warned programming of some vehicle keys can be quite expensive, especially if you go direct to the manufacturers, make sure you hire an auto locksmith who is usually cheaper. That’s where the CarKey Masters come in. 

5. Park defensively

Parking your car in a garage overnight is ideal but make sure you ask a locksmith to undertake a security check.

If you’re parking on your driveway, park defensively i.e. as close to your property as you can so that access is made difficult.

Extra Security to Consider: Consider fitting outdoor motion detector lighting and CCTV, and if you park on the street ensure it’s in an area that is well lit.

6. Keep your vehicle tidy

We’ve all heard it, but how many still don’t follow the advice. Once a thief sees some tempting items inside the car, what’s to stop them from breaking in and stealing?

Make sure to keep the inside of your vehicle clear of clutter, try and hide any electrical items such as laptops & smartphones.

Try to keep your glove box empty and why not leave your glove box open to show you’ve got nothing to hide.

Don’t forget to hide any signs of high-cost equipment as well, such as the marks that dashboard cameras leave on your windscreen!

7. Etch your windows

Etching the last seven digits of your Vehicle Identity Number (or registration) onto the windows, headlights, and mirrors means anybody who tries to alter your vehicle’s identity will have a tough job.

8. If you lose your keys

Should you have lost your car keys then we recommend contacting a local auto locksmith, who are experts with vehicle locks and keys.

They will make sure that only the keys you have cannot be used by the thief, removing all others from the database of your vehicle, this will stop any stolen keys from being used.

We have another blog explaining what to do if you lose your car keys here.

Contact CarKey Masters in case of any car key and car alarm system needs, we are happy to assist and answer any questions you might have including providing you with an affordable package tailored to your needs.

Until next time, cheers!

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